Getting here

From Cebu Mactan Airport

Taxi Malapascua

Take a taxi from Cebu Mactan International Airport to your hotel in Cebu City, which is around 20 minutes away. An overnight stay in Cebu City is recommended to rest after your long flight. Stay at least 2 days if you wish to discover Cebu City by day and of course by night. You can also do some shopping at SM, Ayala, Metro Gaisano or Super Gaisano, it is safe and the items are labelled. Celtis resort Privat Transfer Cebu - Malapascua. We can arrange it!

From bus terminal

Jeepney Cebu philippines

Take a Taxi from your hotel to Northern bus terminal. Take the "CERES" bus with the signboard: "Maya Bagay" or ask for the bus which goes to "Maya". The first bus leaves the terminal at 5:00 AM, and every hour there after. Maya is about 4 hours away from Cebu, which is your stop to take the boat to Malapascua Island. The bus fare from Cebu to Maya is around 160 Pesos(no air con), or 180 pesos(with air con). We advice travellers who wants to reach the island of Malapascua by bus, to rise up early to catch the first bus. It is in fact cooler in the morning and there is less traffic on the road and you are sure to reach the island before 12:00 AM.

From Maya

Malapascua boat rates

boat malapascua

Take one of the regular passenger boat alongside the pier. The pumboat leaves Maya at around 11:00 am and takes 45 minutes to make the crossing. The fare for the direct crossing to Malapascua Island is around 80 Pesos per person (although travellers should be aware that if they are fewer passengers than expected, the Captain may decide to wait for more passengers - or make the crossing only if the difference for the loss in passengers is compensated). If it is low tide, you probably need to pay 20 pesos per head for the skiff and 20 more per luggage. Make the adventure yours, live the Filipinos way of travelling...